Italian food industry in PugliaCannone has been part of Italian food industry in Puglia for more than three decades. The company was founded in the heart of the Tavoliere in Cerignola, in the province of Foggia. We specialize in the production and supply of pickles in Italy and abroad. We are present across the country with our line of pickled products, suitable for all types of consumption, both domestic and gastronomic. Our certified personnel have developed traditional and non-traditional recipes and innovative methods of processing vegetables and marketing our gastronomic specialties.

Best-quality products in the Italian food industry of Puglia

Today Cannone offers its customers a wide range of products. Some of the most consumed and best-sellers are olives, artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, eggplants and many other specialties prepared and processed according to unique recipes, original combinations, and highest standards. Besides, we provide a wide selection of packaging possibilities, specific for every need.

The traditional recipes and the high quality of raw materials all of Puglia origin, as well as our producers, are the main support that motivates our successful work an entire production. In addition to this, the professionalism of our staff and advanced processing technologies have made us a point of reference in the field of production of pickles in Italy.

Our unique solutions

In addition to providing the best quality, Cannone has implemented an exceptional accurate system of controls due to a set of processes and actions in order to supervise and ensure the value of products. Since our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, our solutions are designed in such a way to meet all the market needs.  Undoubtedly, our unique solutions are the main reason that Cannone is one of the best producers of Italian food industry in Puglia!

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