Cerignola olives wholesaleCannone is one of the best producers of pickled vegetables, and has successfully distributed its products across the country, including Cerignola olives wholesale.  For over 30 years we have committed to provide exceptional services and producing the best Italian gastronomic specialties such as vegetables preserved in oil, pickled, vinegar and natural.

When we started this business, we wanted to convey our passion for cooking and let other people enjoy our delicious products. We have preserved the tradition of our ancestors, but always exploring new ways to make irresistible recipes for our customers.

Why our Cerignola olives wholesale are the best?

Using the most advanced technology in the market, we produce our products with great care since the beginning of the process. We have developed our techniques in such a way to enhance the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the raw materials we use, which are carefully selected and transformed.  In addition, we are concerned to maintain constant quality updates, production techniques and develop new products.

The range of products we produce include olives, artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, eggplants and many other specialties prepared and processed according to unique recipes, excellent combinations, and first-quality standards.

High Value Products

Olives are very rich in nutritional value, so we recommend that you always have them at your table. The fact that we are market leaders is not just a coincidence. We have worked hard to produce the most interesting recipes, including those for olives. We have several types of olives including black Cerignola olives in brine, green Cerignola olives in brine, “mojito” green olives, with orange, with lemons, ginger and seasoned olives in sunflower seed oil.

Quality and freshness are what best describes us. This is why our company is a reference point in this industry sector.

For further information about our top-quality and delicious Cerignola olives wholesale products, please contact us!