Large Cerignola olives wholesaleFor more than 30 years, Cannone has been producing and marketing large Cerignola olives wholesale and other Italian food specialties. At our factory located in the heart of the Tavoliere of Puglia in Cerignola, in the province of Foggia, we produce and pack vegetables preserved in natural oil, brine, and vinegar. Our exceptional personnel highly competent have been developing recipes, both traditional and modern, using modern methods of processing and preparing various Italian gastronomic specialties.

Some of our main products that are widely consumed by our customers, both wholesale and retail, are  olives, artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, eggplants and many other specialties. Each of our products is carefully prepared in order to preserve their nutritional values and other qualities.

Why our large Cerignola olives for wholesale solutions?

Cerignolas olives have a fruity, mild taste, but their most interesting characteristic is their size – large. Olives are known for their powerful nutritional value; therefore, we strongly encourage consuming them regularly. The tradition of our ancestors is still present in the way we prepare our pickled products. We have worked with great diligence bring the most impressive recipes, including those for olives. Our large Cerignola olives for wholesale are processed carefully and prepared differently, including olives in brine, green Cerignola olives in brine, “mojito” green olives, with orange, with lemons, ginger and seasoned olives in sunflower seed oil.

Why us?

Cannone is a devoted company that strives to accomplish customer needs. We focus on contracting with important groups of our industry sector to ensure an efficient and prosperous collaboration. We aim to ensure quality and convenience to our customers. Quality and freshness are what best describes us. This is why our company is a reference point in this industry sector.

For further information about our products and exceptional wholesale solutions, you’re more than welcome to contact us!