large Italian green olives for wholesaleCannone is one of the best producers of large Italian green olives for wholesale. With an experience of more than 30 years, and exceptional expertise of our highly competent technicians we have managed to develop unique wholesale solutions. From traditional to modern recipes, we have combined the ingredients of our products perfectly.

We specialize in the production of pickled vegetables in Italy and abroad. Our products are present across the country, appropriate for all types of consumption. Our qualified personnel have developed traditional and non-traditional recipes using the most advanced technologies to process vegetables and sell our gastronomic specialties.

The most delicious large Italian green olives for wholesale

Our gigantic green olives are harvested in Cerignola, Puglia. They have an irresistible taste, very fresh and juicy. Their characteristic size renders them easily stuffable with other vegetables, and is perfectly combined well with garlic, cheese, and other foods.

Our processing techniques for the products in oil are conducted in such a way to preserve nutritional characteristics of raw materials which are carefully selected and harvested. Then, they transform thanks to the use of advanced and modern production methodologies. In addition to providing the best quality, Cannone has implemented an extraordinary control system for a range of processes and actions in order to organize the work and maintain the value of products.

Why us?

We have close collaboration with qualified and highly-skilled personnel able to guide our customers in selecting the healthiest, most delicious and large Italian green olives for wholesale. We aim to fulfill the needs of different customers and especially loyal ones; therefore, we constantly invest in order to introduce quality updates, innovative production techniques and develop new products.

Please contact us if you’re interested in further information about our products! We’re more than happy to help you with our unique solutions!