italian food industry in CerignolaCannone is one of the most renowned producers and wholesalers of Italian food industry in Cerignola, present for over 30 years in the market. The company was founded in the beautiful province of Foggia. An area characterized by an extremely varied landscape and a territory with particular climatic conditions, always the most appropriate place for the cultivation of vegetables, cereals, vines and olives.

Our success comes thanks to our diligence and commitment to excellence. The ability to create delicious recipes for various foods we inherited from the ancient traditions of our ancestors. However, we have worked hard to expand it, and today we are among the most successful producers, both domestically and abroad.

Why should you choose us?

Thanks to our certified and highly skilled personnel we have produced a wide range of pickled products including olives, artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, eggplants and many more – in brine and oil.

Our products are prepared by using the most modern techniques since the beginning of the process. Every product processed in oil is carried out in such a way as to enhance the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the carefully selected raw materials. Furthermore, they have transformed thanks to the use of advanced and certified production technologies.

How we became the best Italian food industry in Cerignola?

The ultimate goal of our company is serving with accuracy and integrity to our precious customers. We are a customer-oriented company; for this reason, we constantly develop new means to meet our customers’ needs and achieve our objectives. Thanks to our devotion and correct service, we have reached important agreements with the most successful companies in our sector and have established a loyal customer base. They believe in the quality of our products and that’s all we need to improve our work and continue being leaders in the Italian food industry in Cerignola.

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