wholesalers artichokes in oilFor over 30 years, Cannone has been produc ing and marketing Italian food specialties; therefore, we’re known as the best wholesalers of artichokes in oil. At our factory located in the heart of the avoliere of Puglia in Cerignola, in the province of Foggia, we produce and pack vegetables preserved in oil, in brine, in vinegar and in the natural, developing recipes, traditional and modern. We use advanced methods of processing for the production of various Italian gastronomic specialties.

With an inherited tradition in cooking, we were very determined to distribute our products domestically and abroad. The passion we have for food and our great recipes are a must in the baskets of our customers. Thus, we work continuously to bring different combinations and delicious recipes for you.

Why should you choose us as your wholesaler of artichokes in oil?

Delicious and very healthy, artichokes are very fun to eat from the leaves to the heart. They are a consumer favorite fruit, and the good news is now you can have them the whole year-round. Besides the amazing taste, they’re also highly rich in nutritional values.

We take pride in being the best wholesalers of artichokes in oil thanks to our high-end processing technologies. We carefully prepare them in order that artichokes can positively impact your health. We make sure that the all the fibers, proteins, prebiotics and antioxidant powers are there.

Exceptional Solutions

Cannone is an ever-growing company. We focus on contracting with important, specific groups in the sector, to better guarantee an efficient and prosperous line of collaboration aiming to ensure quality and convenience to our customers. Our highly qualified and competent personnel are able to direct the customer in the choice of the most appropriate products. We aim to develop best practices in order to meet market demands and expand a loyal customer base.

For further information about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!